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infoBoard - Production Scheduling & Planning Software Solution

  • Leading proven German-developed system with global deployments
  • Visual, easy-to-use, multi-user with full features
  • Optimise your work orders and workcentres instantly
  • Achieves on-time delivery, accurate forecast and huge cost savings
  • Cost-effective solution to enhance your current production issues

What is infoBoard?

Visual Production Scheduling

infoBoard is one of the leading software solutions when it comes to the everyday planning and control of business processes in manufacturing industry. It makes work organization easy and overcomes planning challenges: fast and intuitive operational processes can be flexibly controlled using an innovative planning board, clearly visualized through user-friendly graphical planning.

infoBoard Simply...

a better way for Effective Scheduling

What should be done first? - Who should do it?

Good production scheduling aims to achieve increased productivity and minimize operating costs. A good production schedule identify resource conflicts, control job release, ensure raw materials are available, determine delivery dates and time periods for preventive maintenance and personnel RDOs, annual leave and trade school attendance.

infoBoard allows quick and easy updates to your production schedule to mirror what is happening on your floor. By doing so, it allows you to communicate your realistic and up-to-date production schedule to all personnel and management. In addition it allows you to analyse your infoBoard history (5 years!) to make good judgement on your production approaches, and to compute your actual historical standard work costings and timings. You no longer need to depend on your most recent memory of your complex production schedule.

Who is Qmani? infoBoard Distributor for Australia and New Zealand and IT Solutions Provider

Qmani is an Australian solutions and carriage service provider using Australian technology and expertise to provide government, councils, enterprise and businesses with innovative asset management, enterprise workflows and mobile data solutions. The Qmani innovative solutions are complemented by our hosting, support and maintenance services in a world-class datacenter with security, backup and contingency arrangements.

Qmani delivers solutions through our disciplined process of direct consultation, validation, demonstration, proposal and implementation with on-going software updates and enhancements, maintenance and support.

Qmani's solutions are proven, cost-effective, feature-rich and provided in a multi-user web-based deployment. The solutions are fully supported by its Qmani Support Team.

Leveraging on the strong skillsets and experience of its Principals, Qmani also provides IT Strategy and IT Management consulting to assist its clients in problem solving and aligning IT strategy to the organisation’s Business Plans.

What We Do

We Find A Solution

Every company and production approaches are similar yet different in many ways. We listen and quickly understand your unique requirements and we use this to provide you with a proposal.

We Create

Using what we learn about your company and requirements, we create your first customised planning board. This assists you to get started fast instead of spending time going up the learning curve. You get the greater benefits of infoBoard now from the customised planning board which will be used to provide our training workshop sessions.

We Look To The Future

After your infoBoard live cut-over, we analyse how you are using the planning board every 2 to 3 months, and make further suggestions for enhancements. We work with your future plans to identify and implement integration of infoBoard to your business systems.

infoBoard Features in 6 Images

1. New Planning Board

A new planning board, date/time across the board and resources along the side with a gallery of planning objects on the right.

2. Add Resources

Resources - staff, machinery, workstations are defined on the left to which jobs/tasks will be scheduled to in the planning board.

4. Staffing

Staffing can be included in planning board - assigned to production scheduling tasks, business operations (e.g. outdoor sales) or planned leave/not available for work.

3. Downtime

Planned and unplanned downtime - e.g. machine maintenance, machine breakdown, staff annual leave, staff sick leave.

5. Production Schedule

Forecasted/foreesable downtime - machine maintenance

6. Multi-Dimension

Readily supports a job/task to multiple resources - when a job/task on a workstation is affected all associated resources are also impacted.

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